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Government grants are all financial assistance extended to organizations, associations and even to individual who need help in funding their projects. Grants are also available to all citizens for as long as you know how to avail and how to apply for free government grants. You should also know that government grants are not the same as loans which needs to be repaid. Not only individuals receive government grants, small business owners and organizations can also qualify for their set standards of government grants.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

The first thing that may come to your mind is how to apply for free government grants. Of course, you have to start with doing your research. This may need more time and effort, but with the convenience of the internet, this can be made simple though.

Always remember that government grants are not to be returned to the government and no collateral is required before they are obtained. But there will be a need for a proposal so the government will know the purpose of your availing the grant. This is because no one expects the government grant to be given without the they having any concrete reason for giving it out.

How to Apply for FREE Government Grants

Eligibility - Check if you are eligible to apply for and receive a Government grant. These are 2 keys to eligibility:
  Register to apply on
  Understand eligibility required by each funding.

Search Grants - Find the most current grant opportunities available for you at
  Insert the type of grant you are looking for under "keywords" in the Basic Search Criteria
  Make sure to check the box labeled "Individuals" under the Eligibility section

Grants Requirements - Understand the individual requirement for each available grant.
  Consider making a list with grants and their requirements so you can stay organized when applying
  Prioritize grants that fits your needs and those you think you have the highest chance of getting.

Apply - Complete and submit your application
  Fill out the registration page according to its instructions
  Check your application before submitting. There is a file size limit of 100mb on for individual attachments, so be sure to keep an eye on your file size.

Track - Follow up on your submission. will notify you twice by email 2 days after you apply: one to notify they have received your application and the following one to inform if they have rejected or validated it.
  Keep your tracking number
  Check the status of your application at by clicking "Track My Application"

Also consider the benefits that your project will give to the community. This is often a big factor that your project will be considered for funding. Also read the eligibility requirements of the grants and study the application process. At times, the process will start with your local government, so make sure where you will start your application.

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