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Is E*Trade A Good Stock Trading Option For You?

E*Trade Financial Corporation is an electronic platform where you can trade financial assets. This financial services company is a part of Morgan Stanley, an American investment and financial management company.

E*Trade offers various platforms that cater to investors and their trading styles. The professional investing tools, extensive educational resources, no transaction fees for mutual funds, and innovative technology make it a popular and widely used platform for casual and active traders.  

What Is E*Trade?

E*Trade is an online brokerage web platform that offers real-time financial consultants, information about stocks, and market values. The company has its headquarters in New York, United States. The company offers an online trading platform where traders can invest in various options, like mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, contracts, stock bonds, etc. 

E*Trade has three online platforms and two mobile services that make it suitable for all kinds of traders, whether frequent or casual. E*Trade has become a widely popular trading account as it merges an individual’s trading techniques with professional stock options, trading services, knowledgeable support, and a wide range of investment options.

Quick Facts:

  • The account minimum for E*Trade is $0.
  • There is a $0 trade commission on online stocks, ETFs, and options.
  • Option trades carry a contract charge, which is $0.65.
  • There is no transaction fee on more than 4000 mutual funds.
  • The company doesn’t allow trading cryptocurrency or forex trading.
  • The iOS and Android mobile apps are free and enable you to manage your accounts easily.

Commissions And Fees

E*Trade offers commission-free trading of financial assets. All options trades, ETFs, and listed stocks have $0 charges per trade but charge $0.65 per contract. 


E*Trade has different portfolio options through its Core Portfolios, including Core portfolios, Core Portfolios: Socially Responsible, and Core Portfolios: Smart Beta.

Who Is E*Trade For?

It is suitable for beginner level as well as expert traders. E*Trade offers low fees for both primary and frequent trading accounts. The beginners benefit from the platform more than the expert traders since it shows them an array of fractional shares to invest their money in more than a few stocks.

The E*Trade platform allows you to track the market quickly with its risk metrics and charting tools. The wide range of investment selections makes it highly appealing to passive and active traders and investors.

E*Trade is an excellent choice for different types of investors:

  • Those who want to manage their portfolios professionally while also adding their personal investment preferences
  • Those who want to invest their funds through E*Trade so that they can earn a return from their investment
  • Investors who prefer option-trading or banking where they invest their money.


  • This broker platform is for long-term investors, as well as for beginner investors.
  • Large selection of investment.
  • Commission-free stocks.
  • Easy interface.


  • Cryptocurrencies are not available.

Wrap Up

E*Trade is for beginners and experts looking to apply their trading techniques to professional stock options.


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Is E*Trade A Good Stock Trading Option For You?

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