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Money Management Articles

How To Claim Your Payment In The Credit Karma Lawsuit

If you have ever been a victim of accepting “pre-approval” offers, you know how damaging they can be to your credit score. Always read the fine print and never agree to anything if no details are mentioned in the message or email.

Is Raising Mortgage Rates Keeping Home Buyers Away?

If you’re worried about rising mortgage rates, you might feel better knowing that it’s not just you who’s struggling. However, higher interest rates are a cause for concern and unavoidable due to increasing demand and low supply.

Major Factors Preventing Your Credit Score From Improving

You probably know your credit score plays a vital role when applying for a personal loan or a mortgage. However, what lowers it is the real dilemma.

Protecting Your Personal Finances When Launching A Business

Launching your own business is not easy. It carries a lot of risk and uncertainty. You never know if your startup will be profitable or not, and even if it does do well, how long it might take for it to start incurring regular profits.