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Take Advantage Of All The Perks Of Your AAA Membership

The American Automobile Association (AAA) can be used for emergency assistance services, especially if you have problems with your vehicle and are a long way out from your city center. This makes it a feasible option for many people looking to secure membership and benefit from the perks of AAA. You can also expect other roadside services, making your membership worth the price, especially if you are a frequent commuter and often go on long travels.

1. Save Money On Tickets

Statistics indicate that Americans are fond of spending money on various forms of entertainment, such as amusement parks, live events, and more. This can easily become expensive unless you have options to avail discounts, such as from a AAA membership. It is possible to save up to 40% using discount codes for various events, making it worth your while to invest in a AAA membership.

2. Save Money For Fitness

If you’re looking to shop for gym or sports clothing but don’t want to spend too much money, you can easily find all kinds of discounts through a AAA membership, allowing you to get the best deals on various brands like Reebok, Dunham’s Sports, and more. You can also get discounts for gym memberships, which can be quite pricey, depending on your location, making it worth your while to invest in a AAA membership.

3. Save Money On Electronics

A AAA membership offers many perks, such as discounts for electronics, making it feasible to get the membership not just for your road-related troubles but also to avail discounts of up to 35% on various electronic products from brands like Samsung, Dell, and HP, including free shipping options.

4. Find Cheap Options For a Movie Night

If you enjoy going to the cinema with your friends and family members, you can avail of membership discounts on movie tickets for a range of theaters and cinemas, making it possible for you to watch a movie each week if you so desire. You will also save money on snacks and save more money with value deals.

5. Save On Dining Out

If you enjoy dining out with your significant other, you will benefit from many restaurant discounts, which are offered through a AAA membership, allowing you to avail of a 10% discount on foods and drinks, excluding alcohol. You will also receive a rewards credit card by signing up with AAA, giving you access to many rewards for several restaurants in your location.

6. Save On Eyewear

If you enjoy buying the latest frames for your prescription lenses, you will find that AAA has the best deals for a whole bunch of companies like Ray-Ban and Oakley, making it possible for you to choose designer lenses according to your particular taste for a decent discount. Additionally, you can save money on eye exams, which is also offered due to AAA’s partnerships with many optical specialists.

7. Save Money On Travel Costs

There are so many ways to save money using a AAA membership that you will not be surprised to know they offer discounts on vacation deals, holiday cruises and hotels, making it possible to save on travel costs. Additionally, you will also get the chance to save on other travel-related aspects, such as car rentals, parking, and lounges, giving you access to more than you’d expect.

Those looking to benefit from emergency roadside assistance will be glad to know that there are so many other perks that come with a AAA membership. This makes it possible for members to take advantage as a whole bunch of rewards and discounts. If you were unsure before, this blog will have settled your mind and convinced you to invest in a AAA membership, which is highly rewarding for all of its members.

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